About US

Together to make
a positive impact

Passion and love for what we do

We are a community that promotes relationships between citizens of Sierra Leone, Italians and other nationalities, through cultural, recreational, social integration, training, education, information and tourism activities, as well as services for its members and compatriots, thus contributing to the cultural and civil growth of its members.

The best for
our community and
our country

We act with professionalism and competence in every mission we activate. We support those who need it most and create a positive impact for our community and the cultures that represent us for an ethical, social and responsible purpose.

key features

What makes us unique?

The community at the center

We unite the various cultures that compose us to create a positive union without barriers and discrimination.

Approach to growth

We attach great importance to the growth and development of the organization with the aim of growing all together.


Through the generous donations of our supporters we intervene on the territory and enlarge our business.

Caleb F. S. John

“We do our best to help and support those who need it most.”

Zainab Mahoi

"Helping those in need has always been our goal!"


Join our team and make a difference